He’s one of the great virtuosos, it’s a sound I had heard before, but never with that sort of technique. This is a great man. He radiates. You watch him and think, this is impressive.
— Sir Simon Rattle - Berliner Philharmoniker

William has been playing didgeridoo for over 20 years where he first started to learn the instrument in Mount Isa, far north western Queensland. Community engagement with audience from early age. Working with traditional dance groups and fusion/rock jazz bands, orchestras, string quartets and mixed ensembles. touring internationally since age of 15 years old. First performance with professional orchestra as soloist 17 years old.

A 2012 ARIA award winner for best classical album Kalkadungu.

"My passion is to create a journey for people through music and present to them a diversity in musical styles with the didgeridoo and engage with audiences about the uniqueness of Australia. It has been a specific passion of mine to work closely with classical music and composers to develop and sustain music for the didgeridoo in this environment"

Other instruments played include electric and acoustic guitar and bass.

William can also play alongside a DJ to create a truly unique fusion of didgeridoo & deep house.