Let me tell you, talent personified, these girls were rocking! They can dance, they can sing…and they’re hot!
— Ash Williams, NOVA 100

If you’ve stepped foot on the dance floor over the last couple of years then you would’ve seen these girls around. They know how to grab a crowd by its balls with their fun vocal mash ups and vampish dance behavior! And they’re just about to transform their incredible musical talents onto the decks in 2011.

The last few years have been busy for VAMP, with the duo playing at Australia's hottest venues and festivals; Rain Cheque, Fusion, Love Machine, Jett Black, Pretty Please, Spice Market, Co, “The Factory” at Trak and Iron Bar, just to name a few.

Currently penning in the studio with Katie Underwood, the Starkraft team and Eve (the Grammy Award-winning American rapper) some of the most exciting news in Vamp’s career is close to being officially announced but until that time, Mum’s the word. All we can say is “stay tuned” as these young stars are steadily rising and have much more to unleash on the world yet.

Melbourne’s hottest duo
— Damion De Silva, Restless Entertainment
You’ve GOT to go and see VAMP…UNBELIEVABLE! The best band going around. Do yourself a favour, as Molly Meldrum would say.
— Shane Crawford, Channel Nine