The RAah Project takes new shots at the established ideas of electronica, hip hop, pop, contemporary, dance and soul music. It is an original large ensemble contemporary music project embracing both traditional and new principles of jazz improvisation and arrangement, 20th century composition, song, verse and flow.

Band members Ryan Ritchie and Tamil Rogeon share a love of diverse musical genres ranging from electronic beats to traditional orchestral music. The two work and tour as part of critically acclaimed hip hop ensemble, True Live, as well as on various individual projects as producers, arrangers and performers.

Ritchie is celebrated in Australia for his charismatic stage presence as a performer with True Live . He is True Live's founder and its producer/ vocalist/MC. Additionally, he is the writer/producer behind soul singer Paris Wells. Ritchie completed a BA in music composition/performance at the VCA in 2003, originally specialising in 20th century and jazz music. In 2009 he won the ISC International Songwriting Contest (pop/r’n’b section) for his writing work on the Paris Wells tune ‘Lonely’. As part of True Live he has performed in support of artists such as The Roots, De La Soul, Roots Manuva, Justin Timberlake and Moby and has toured extensively in Australia and in France. Ritchie has scored for film including Melbourne International Film Festival documentary winner ‘RASH.’ A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Ritchie is currently writing a solo vocal record.

Rogeon completed a BA in Music Performance at the VCA in 1997. His special interests in jazz and Brazilian music have been consolidated through study, performance and recording stints in New York and Rio. He currently works in music performance, production, and composition for film/TV and dance. As a founding member of the Melbourne-based ensemble Tue Live, Rogeon has performed at major arts and rock festivals across Australia including Meredith Music Festival, Falls Festival, Big Day Out and the Adelaide and Melbourne international arts festivals. He has also toured widely in France. In 2009 Rogeon was commissioned to compose and record a new work, '24 Hours in Lapa' (a Brazilian orchestral-electro suite) with Orchestra Victoria. In 2010, he completed the feature film score for the MIFF film, 'Blame' and toured in Europe with the award-winning contemporary dance work Sun Struck though out Europe 2010.