Two DJ’s from the UK born in the same city who didn’t really like each other growing up but dated the same girls at high school.

Became best mates in Sydney after doing an impromptu New Years Eve gig where The Backhanderz were formed and peace was restored to the universe.

TheBackhanderz –- named after their volatile tennis strokes, have been playing excellent music ever since.

Headlining at big, small and medium sized nightclubs, festivals, islands, cities, towns, houses, rooftops, warehouses, racetracks, swimming pools, tree-houses and girls bedrooms.

The duo have felt like really important big deal DJ’s on numerous occasions by supporting international acts all over the world. Can also be seen in city centers across the planet trying to hail taxi’s unsuccessfully.

Interestingly. Aaron looks just like Kobe Bryant. Simon looks like Simon.